Food and Beverages

Bioture team has enormous experience in optimizing process. Bioture offers technical services for all major fields of filtration.

Food processing and beverage manufacturing are complex processes with many critical filtration applications. Bioture understands that wine, beer, juice, bottled water, and other food processing operations need filter devices designed to cost effectively protect their products, protect their customers and comply with regulations.

Winemaking is an art as much as a science, but Bioture has the experience to make filtration of wine more science than art. Bioture will help winemakers in trouble shooting and optimization of filtration process.

Beer production is a natural process controlled to make a great tasting result. Like all natural processes, it creates substances that are both desired and unwanted. Bioture expertise in filtration helps you keep the desired part of your beer, and remove the parts that are unwanted.

For spring water, purified water, mineral water or even distilled water, filtration is critical to the safety of customers and brands. Our experience in selection and optimization of filters for different processing methods and different applications helps you selecting and optimizing the most cost effective filtration process for you needs.

Filtration is critical for the preservation of juice flavor, customer safety and for brand value. Whether bottled or aseptically packaged, filtration is needed to preserve flavor and prevent contamination by bacteria or particulates. Bioture will help juice producers choose the optimized and most cost effective filtration for processing their products.